2JZ GTE complete turbo kit
2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit 2JZ GTE complete turbo kit

 KMPspeedshop is proud to introduce it's entry level turbo kit !

Each component in this kit have been carefully selected with one main goal. RELIABILITY

We decided to design and assemble this kit so no one would have any reasons to install a 2JZGTE and keep in place the stock twins.  Please do yourself a favor and remove those 25+ years old hot air pumps from your engine !
This kit is based on a cast log manifold to provide the fastest possible spool up and transient response from a single turbo 2JZ. It has and incredibly small internal volume which is the main factor affecting exhaust energy that drives the turbine wheel.  The closer the turbine is to the valves and the faster it will spool.

We are NOW offering BorgWarner and Precisionturbo options for an even greater range of turbo sizes, prices and HP potential. You can select a 6062 GEN2 ball bearing for blazing fast response or go to a bigger 72mm SX-E or a 6870 GEN2 for a 1000hp capable turbo kit!

The wastegate side is handled buy the NEW turbosmart 38mm GEN5 witch flows more than any other 38mm wastegates on the market today to keep your boost steady and predictable throughout the rev range.

Finally we manufacture our own downpipe and dumptube from sanitary grade 304 stainless steel. They come beautifully tig welded to add a nice finishing touch to your new turbo kit ! 


Turbo kit includes the following :

  • Cast iron T4 log manifold
  • Your choice of turbocharger configuration
  • Turbosmart GEN 5 38mm wastegate (14psi spring installed)
  • 4" air inlet with Vibrant air filter
  • KMP polished custom 304ss dump tube
  • KMP polished custom 304ss 3'' downpipe with o2 bung, KMP logo and flex bellow
  • Assembled 4AN nylon oil feed line
  • Assembled 10AN nylon oil drain line
  • All necessary gaskets, bolts and fittings


As a guideline, we recommend the SX-E 61.44mm / 76mm or the 6062 GEN2 if you want a "stocks twin" like response with around 450whp on pump fuel.  These turbos will make around 600whp on the proper fuel with a 100% stock longblock.

If you are a bit more "power hungry" our recommendation goes to the 66.11mm / 80mm or the 6466 GEN2.    they will have a very descent spoolup and should provide you with around 550whp on pump fuel and will be able to make 800whp+ on the proper fuel with cams.

To see a dyno result, click here

We do not garantee the fitment into any chassis but we never encountered any problems installing it in any car so far as it is a very compact turbo kit.  Depending on your application, cutting and engine bay components may need to be moved to fit.
We do not garantee that you will not encounter boost creep with RPM when used on an extremely efficient overall setup.  We will be happy to provide you with a larger 45mm wastegate option as long as you contact us.
Will fit ONLY 2jz GTE turbo head
Built to order,  please allow a 6-8 weeks before shipping